A scientific enterprise «Tsezis» (SE «Tsezis») has existed since 2012. It is incorporated into the Group of Companies «Nordavind».

The main activity of the SE «Tsezis» is to organize and conduct research in the field of information technology. The Company continuously monitors and analyzes relevant scientific developments, accumulates information on contests and grants in various fields of science.

This year the company has patented scientific development «The system of modeling fire spreading in enclosed spaces».

In order to get students interested in scientific research the company «Tsezis» organized an open platform at the University «Dubna» for competitive and individual researches for anyone who wants to advance his scientific ideas.

The company is continually extending partnerships with leading universities of the country. Nowadays, professors, students and postgraduate students from departments of Bauman University and from Dubna University are engaged in conducting researches and implementing new projects.