The company Tsesis keeps on working within the Programme of supporting the smartest student ideas. The company’s experts take into consideration any ideas in IT field:

  • Web-based projects
  • Mobile Technology
  • Augmented Reality

Make your ideas as you want: with or without elaboration, with reasons and calculations or without them, in the form of an essay or a picture, in the form of suggestions or just notes! There are no rules for designing your ideas! The main thing – the idea must be new, fresh, original and creative.

Your ideas will be studied by the company’s experts. We guarantee that we will not use your ideas without your participation.

If the idea is original enough, novel and perspective, you will be invited for an interview with General Director of the Group of Companies Nordavind -Svirin I.

What’s next? It depends on your activity and desire to implement the idea in practice.

In order to participate in our programme, you need to complete the attached form below: