The purpose of the research is the development of a classification system of types of the skin diseases for the affected areas.

The general approach

System for the pre-diagnosis of skin

Solve scientific issues

  • Development of algorithms for image segmentation in order to isolate the affected areas of the skin;
  • Development of the classifier affected skin diseases by classes.

Scientific novelty of the research is in the algorithm of identification and classification of affected areas, in (in comparison with similar systems) amount of various classes of diseases that the developed method is able to diagnose.

The practical value

The system for the pre-diagnosis of skin diseases based on image analysis of the skin can be used for remote (and anonymous) detection of indications of skin diseases.

Its use in health care facilities may expedite the delivery of patient care, simplify the procedure of treatment. Input data for diagnosis of the disease in the developed system is streaming video, video or picture of the affected area as well as additional heuristic signs of skin diseases (itching, swelling, bleeding, etc.). The system can be used with professional medical diagnosis methods and in the absence of opportunities to provide opportune quality medical care.

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